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  • On October 31, the CGT along with other organizations, calls General Strike (HG) for 24 hours throughout the Spanish State because the government, with its policy of cuts and reforms in labor rights, social expenditure on salaries, pensions, health Education... is dismantling and basic public services and has led to a real social emergency.

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    At the moment we are living through the final phase of capitalism and not of socialism. We are in the fall of the capitalist system and that brings us to a different analysis of social behaviour as a generation, so much more so if we consider the conditions we are living through today. My generation entered politics as a very small force in the universities and colleges when there was a near complete hegemony of neoliberalism, when there were economic growth rates that were huge but at the same time abstract and when the examples of the good life were those of super-consumerism. Now we are in a different reality. Today, in Greece, half of young people between 24 and 35 have no job. They are condemning that generation to live a lot worse than their parents, they are condemning them to live without dreams. What we can give and say to this generation is that in its consciousness it has to recover hope within struggle. In order to rebuild those destroyed lives a better future has to be built, there is no other way. Social justice and dignity are two very important things for a generation that wants to win its future back.


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  • They said we were going to take part in a coup. They said that behind us there was the far right, they lied in the media again and again, they threatened us, in all possible ways, saying that we would end up in prison, they brought 1400 policemen, and they identified and reported for criminal offence people who just gathered in a public park discussing the action. They tried to create fear as they had never done before… And the result was that tens of thousands of people took the streets disobeying the state of emergency imposed by the government. Today, media all over the world are talking about what happened in Madrid on 25S.


  • From the moment the first bullets were fired, I have been tempted to make an analysis of the situation. But it’s far too early. We will have to wait for tonight. Right now, social media are ablaze with the call to keep on the pressure. We will be at Neptuno at 1900 hrs.

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