A curveball hits the American psyche.


Imagine what a curveball it would be to the American psyche if Edward Snowden won the Nobel Peace Prize. In a country where 80% of people think he’s a traitor, the finger could finally turn on the nation ... Snowden holding the mirror.

For too long the United States has been able to carefully stage-manage the geopolitical levers of global legitimacy, able to shift the world’s attention from their misgivings to the actions of others. Obama was given the prize in 2008, but it wasn’t enough to steer the US into a sane and sustainable direction ... the world leader some still think it can be. Since then we’ve only seen drones ... and more drones. The Nobel Laureate Edward Snowden would be a not-so-subtle reminder for Obama to walk his talk ... to live up to that original hope Oslo once believed he stood for.

The rebel-side of America has been subdued for far too long. Washington. Adams. Hale. Jefferson. Let’s remind them of the better angels of America, the country that it could be, the one that was dreamt up, idealistically, by individuals just like Snowden who stood for principle at all costs.

Snowden wining Nobel peace prize at this critical moment in history would be a bombshell exploding at the heart of America’s military-industrial complex that could bring this out-of-control spy-op to a sudden shuddering halt.