Secret Green Lights

What’s really happening in Egypt?


Things have suddenly improved in Egypt since the ousting of President Morsi...gas lines have disappeared, power is back on everywhere and police offices have returned to their jobs. Whispers and murmurs on the streets are saying that these sudden, incredible changes suggest that opponents conspired against Morsi.

As Ben Hubbard and David D. Kirpatrick wrote for The New York Times: “This apparently miraculous end to the crippling energy shortages, and the re-emergence of the police, seems to show that the legions of personnel left in place after former President Hosni Mubarak was ousted in 2011 played a significant role – intentionally or not – in undermining the overall quality of life under the Islamist administration of Mr. Morsi. ”

Hubbard and Kirpatrick continue:

[Under Morsi] not only did police officers seem to disappear, but the state agencies responsible for providing electricity and ensuring gas supplies failed so fundamentally that gas lines and rolling blackouts fed widespread anger and frustration.

“This was [all] a preparation for the coup,” said Naser el-Farash, who served as the spokesman for the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade under Mr. Morsi. “Different circles in the state, from the storage facilities to the cars that transport petrol products to the gas stations, all participated in creating the crisis.”

Working behind the scenes, members of the old establishment, some of them close to Mr. Mubarak and the country’s top generals, also helped finance, advise and organize those determined to topple the Islamist leadership, including Naguib Sawiris, a billionaire and an outspoken foe of the Brotherhood; Tahani el-Gebali, a former judge on the Supreme Constitutional Court who is close to the ruling generals; and Shawki al-Sayed, a legal adviser to Ahmed Shafik, Mr. Mubarak‚Äôs last prime minister, who lost the presidential race to Mr. Morsi.

Now with all that in mind, consider also last week’s story from Al Jazeera, which went viral for suggesting that the US is bankrolling Morsi's opposition in the name of “democracy assistance”. On July 10, Emad Mekay wrote of a documented money trail from the American government to anti-Morsi activists in Egypt. Dozens of US federal government documents reveal that Washington covertly funded senior Egyptian opposition figures who have been calling for the ousting of Morsi from the start. In light of this, we can now safely presume that America isn’t in fact taking a neutral stance in Egypt, but now we must begin to question if the US is in fact funding one side, or both ... as they have done elsewhere and before.

Even with all of this information, we are still being kept in the dark. We still do not know the true story of what’s been happening in Egypt from the time Mubarak was ousted til now. We only know that the official story we are being fed is a lie.

Why is the old Mubarak crowd seemingly back in charge? Did the Pentagon give the Egyptian military a secret green light for the coup, even though Obama said – on the record – that the USA would not take sides?

What secret diplomatic signals are really being sent between the White House and No.10 Downing . . . between the Pentagon and Egypt's military . . . between the CIA and Mossad . . . what hidden plans do they really have for the future of Egypt and the Middle East? . . . what is the U.S. military intelligence complex really doing in our name?

We deserve to find out!