Edward Snowden inspires a new generation of whistleblowers to turn the light on.

Here's the question everyone is asking:

“Is Edward Snowden a hero or a criminal, a whistleblower or a traitor?”

But here’s the question they really should be asking:

“Does America still have its original revolutionary backbone, or are we a nation of sheep?”

Conventional opinion says that the CIA will have Snowden extradited and then criminalized, put on trial like Bradley Manning, demonized like Daniel Ellsberg, or even murdered like Garry Webb – that he will spend at least ten years in prison, or life, or worse. This may well happen, but there is another, much more tantalizing possibility that Snowden's courageous action has triggered, something much more momentous – a sudden unexpected shift in the American Psyche – a realization that since 9/11 something has gone terribly wrong in the land of the free and the home of the brave … that the NSA, CIA, FBI are starting to smell like the East German's Stasi, The Russian KGB, The Fascist police states of the 1930’s and 1940’s – that Americans are spying on Americans … that we are being treated like a nation of petrified snitches cowering in the dark … and that the time has come to turn the light on in a darkened America.

Maybe this weekend someone working at NSA headquarters will get fed up, once and for all, with spying on his fellow citizens and turn another light on in that big, black box ... telling us in detail how things really work in there.

And then, maybe the week after, a CIA operative at the Pentagon will suddenly decide to come clean and tell us how the Iraq war really started and provide us with one of those torture videos that were supposedly destroyed.

And then, maybe an army intelligence officer will fill us in on what really happened in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Yemen – telling us who our allies really are and what regimes we really support in the deep global state behind the veneer of mainstream media. Then …

Maybe on July 4th someone at The Whitehouse will remember that this nation was built upon revolution …  and that the nation's integrity, democracy – hell, the nation's entire future depends upon the existence of people like Snowden who dare to tell us what really goes on behind closed doors, that these otherwise ordinary people continue to summon the courage and humanity to come out of the shadows and take a stand against institutionalized criminality.

Maybe, like at the end of a movie, when the hero finally reveals his true identity and everyone rises to applause, an unstoppable wave of courageous souls will now stand up in solidarity and turn the lights on all over this darkened nation, kicking off a chain reaction of refusal against the military-surveillance complex that President Eisenhower tried to warn us against half a century ago.

So hey all you dreamers, schemers and expectant souls out there, are you ready to turn on the light?


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Dave Klaboe

Snowden is a coward. He reneged on an oath. An oath many have died for. He planned and plotted to cause damage to the country that he promised to defend. I hope he has to run with his head over his shoulder for the rest of his life. I am basically a moderate or liberal by most standards.


Sorry people of America but regardless of the real sacrifice of individuals like Edward Snowden and Bradley Banning, your country is a plague on this planet. In your name, your country has oppressed and killed millions since it was founded. Like the USSR, you have become the past, a painful history future generations hopefully will learn as an example of human failure of epic proportions. The rest of the word is moving on, finding a path without you. Lets all hope and work toward halting the unfolding catastrophe.


The revolutionary backbone lies in those clearing the shelves of .22lr and .308, not the hipster college eggheads with skinny jeans and popped collars thinking they're edgy and hyperinformed. Your young readers should realize that they will one day grow into tax slaves like the rest of us and if they really want to know what angst feels like wait until they see their hard earned money absorbed into this corporate, fascist, communist, authoritarian, dystopian police/welfare state. Adbusters told me to stop watching television and feeding the corporate machine and I did just as you told me. Thank you. It made my life better in a lot of ways, but it is sad to see everyone around me in such stupor, bewitched by the media and medicated as their liberty is stripped away. You have fought vehemently against greed and have made a significant impact, and I hope you continue to fight against those who see our freedom as an obstruction of their power. In America our ability to protect our freedom begins with our right to bear arms and don't support anything that tries to impede it. Our government also intends to use nationalized health care to categorize citizens as dangerous and infringe on our freedom. It has used the tax collection agency (IRS) as a weapon against its opposition. Our privacy has been invaded in so many ways it knows no bounds. Please Adbusters, recognize those who fight for freedom and stand with them. NRA, Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, Snowden, Wikileaks


Ahhh. Communist? I don't think so. If it were "communist" then you couldn't foreclose on someone's house and throw them into the streets. If it were "communist" there would be a propagandized sense of the "collective" and there is none of that in this dog-eat -dog-every-man-for-himself supposedly corporate designed individualistic Hank Hill society. No, there's nothing communist about it. And no I am not a communist nor do I sympathize in the lease with communism. You are right however to describe this as a corporate-state or in other words fascist.


How many people here don't realize the sacrifices that the individuals in those positions make everyday so you can even have the freedom to post on sites like this one. I am an ex-military member and I can say without a doubt that sometimes things have to be done that may be considered morally wrong and unscrupulous to the general public. That is the reason many of these things are kept from the general population. You think that secrecy doesn't come at a great personal sacrifice to all of those people? No, many of them have to live two-faced lives because of the things they must do in defense of this country and the citizens within. You think they enjoy having to lie to the media, the general populous, and in many cases their own families? Hell no! It actually kills them all inside piece by piece until they realize that they can no longer live in the world they helped to create without being a hypocrite. The members of the organizations you so freely bash have sacrificed, in my opinion, something more valuable then their own lives, that is, the very core morals of the nation they have VOLUNTEERED to defend. Now, I may sounds like a person brainwashed by the system but, at least I know that what those people are doing is for a reason often times beyond the understanding of Joe Public. So next time you read an article like this, think about and maybe thank those individuals that are willing to bear a burden as heavy as this.


A poll I checked a few days ago says 66% of Americans believe that the PRISM program is "okay" because "it helps protect them from terrorism". That being the case I wouldn't say the US is a nation of sheep as the author describes, its much more profound than that. I truly believe that what we are witnessing is the case of the invasion of the body snatchers. They 'look' like 'Americans' but they're not really Americans. This new 'crop' don't have a revolutionary bone in their plastic, processed, digitalized bodies. Am I serious? Of course not! And yet the analogy holds true.


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