Hey Mr. Netanyahu, are you ready for a nuclear-free Middle East?

Israel has had a nuclear monopoly in the Middle East for decades now, and it has protected that monopoly with force whenever necessary. Israel bombed the Osirak nuclear facility in Iraq in 1981, bombed the Deir ez-Zor nuclear facility in Syria in 2007, and more recently carried out targeted killings of leading Iranian atomic scientists. And now, Israel repeatedly threatens to bomb nuclear facilities in Iran if the regime does not stop enriching uranium.

At the United Nations we’re finally seeing the beginning of a different kind of nuclear endgame. President Rouhani has called for a nuclear-free Middle East, and now the big question is: Can Mr. Netanjahu be induced to follow suit? Is Israel finally willing to tell the world what is happening at its Dimona nuclear facility, join the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), give up its nuclear monopoly and participate in the creation of a nuclear-free Middle East?

And do President Obama and other world leaders have the vision and guts to push for such an outcome?

This is the perfect moment for holding not only Iran’s, but also Israel’s, feet to the flame on the antagonistic nuclear culture in the Middle East. Everyone who interviews Mr. Netanyahu must now ask him, “Are you ready to declare your nuclear weapons… are you ready for a nuclear-free Middle East?”

The old ways of doing geopolitical business are being shaken in ways unimaginable even a few years ago. A tonal shift is happening at the United Nations. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff re-buffed Obama last week over spying, and now Rouhani has forced the world’s hand on whether or not the USA, Israel and the major powers really care about peace.

Don’t let this global moment pass. The time has come for all seven billion of us on planet Earth to tell our leaders that we want them to create a #NUKEFREEWORLD. Let’s put the new revolution algorithm into play and keep the global spring burning.

For more on what’s going on, check out this piece from the Washington Post: “In subtle jab, Iranian leader seeks international scrutiny on Israeli nuclear program.

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Leland F. Mellott

There will be peace in this world, universal and perpetual, up to and including the last word spoken by, the last breath of, the last person to be alive. Therefore, what has to happen will happen ... along the way. For that which is written is already written, and from The Beginning.


No traditional middle east refers to: owing countries are included within the Middle East, which is corresponding to Western Asia, excluding the Caucasus:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

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