New Paradigm emerging in Uruguay

Uruguay President says those who need an endless amount of stuff are the real poor.

Jose Mujica is a rare leader in this world, one of the emerging dissidents calling for a total overhaul of the economic doomsday machine . . . and a renewed revolution of values. Consumerism is the death of happiness he says, and the path to real life is paved, not opulence and market success, but in humble frugality and caring for one another. To this end he donates 90% of his presidential salary to charity, lives in a simple rancher – not in the presidential palace – and refuses to have bodyguards. simple rancher. Here he is speaking about his beliefs in an Al Jazeera interview:

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Thanks for this article. Mujica is indded a wonderful example of a left-wing leader. It's great to see so many countries in Latin America with left-wing governments considering all the damage right-wing dictatorships did. Hopefully the rest of the world follows.


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