An Ongoing Battle

A letter of support for media democracy.

Dear Kalle,

I received your letter about Adbusters' ongoing battle with Leonard Asper. I have since made an online donation and will continue to do what I can to help fight against corporate media control.

Just a few months ago I graduated from journalism school and even there, in a supposedly open learning environment, the preference toward mainstream corporate journalism was clear. Future journalists – supposed government and corporate watchdogs in training – are being groomed to devalue the very interests they should stand for: freedom of speech and the maintenance of an open forum for conflicting ideas and views.

Since graduation I have been fortunate enough to find a job at a nonprofit online news site that focuses on hyper-local, issue-centered journalism based in Los Angeles. I do not know how long my work at will last, nor how successful we will be in our attempts to bring together concerned citizens, community activists and experts, and journalists from all walks of life to create a dialogue that enriches the lives of the citizens of LA But damn it I will try.

I believe that the success of independent journalism, and any other endeavor in the public interest, is rooted in public participation. Now more than ever, individuals’ full involvement as creators and contributors rather than just as consumers of news and information is crucial.

Media should be in the hands of “real people” rather than information being chosen and presented solely by media professionals and corporate interests. This world and everything that happens in it is, in one sense or another, created and owned by the public. For that reason alone, it is their interest that media should serve, not a small number of wealthy special interests.

Good luck to you as your continue in your fight against CanWest and other media superpowers. Adbusters has changed my life and the least I can do is throw my support behind you.

Thank you for everything you do.



Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says every human being has the right to seek, to receive and impart information without hindrance. Please help us win the battle for our inalienable right to communicate.

There are many ways you can help. You can make a donation online, call us at 604-736-9401 or 1-800-663-1243 (toll-free in North America) or send a check along with the form provided.

We are also trying to get in touch with media lawyers in the US, Australia and the UK who are interested in launching Right To Communicate legal actions in their own countries. If you have ideas, want more information or wish to help in plotting strategy, email me at [email protected].