Morsi in, Mubarak out.

Are you happy now Barack?


In case you were confused over America’s underlying intentions in the Middle East, you no longer need to be perplexed.

On the same day that Bradley Manning is handed a 35-year sentence for exposing war crimes in Iraq, former Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak is freed from a Cairo prison whilst his democratically elected opponent remains hidden away in a secret cell.

In July, Obama winked and Morsi was ousted.

And today Obama turned his head and Mubarak is a free man.

There is no fog of war here. When Obama says he regrets the loss of life, the civilian casualties, the piles of bodies riddled with bullets in the streets, what he really means is that He, Kerry and the Pentagon, knew full well this could turn ugly, but they gave el-Sisi the green light anyway.

Why did Obama do it? What pressures did American allies, Saudi Arabia, Israel, maybe even Turkey, put on the USA? What assurances did they offer? Who volunteered for the clean-up job that will no doubt soon be underway?

It took 60 years for the CIA to finally admit its role in ousting democratically elected Mossadegh in Iran. Will we have to wait another 60 years to know why Obama gave el-Sisi the green light?