Metamemetic Disruption

We break the commercial monopoly on the production of meaning.

Yohji Yamamoto

A huge chunk of humanity, probably around three or four billion of us, are walking around spellbound in a consensual-reality-consumerist trance.

We don’t want the seas to rise, the arctic permafrost to thaw, the oceans to bubble and the Earth to die ... but we also do want our Doritos, our cars, our fancy pants, a nice spacious bathroom and a fridge stacked full of goodies.

Yet if we are going to have any kind of a future on this planet then we must snap out of this media-consumer trance. We must begin the long and hard journey of unplugging and detoxing, of rewilding and reconstructing the ecological empathy that we traded in for cheap thrills along the way.

It feels like an impossible task. Capitalism is ubiquitous — an all-consuming algorithm. You can’t walk ten feet in any direction without confronting a brand, being seduced by a product or being tempted into a sexy new way of being.

But here’s one way to break free:

We get some of the most creative minds, film directors and funders on the planet brainstorming together … we produce a series of the most visceral, metamemetic 15-, 30- and 60-second video mindbombs ever produced and start exploding them on commercial television networks around the world.

We launch a massive crowd sourcing campaign to raise the funds to buy the airtime. We buy up time slots on the CBS evening news and CNN in the U.S., the CBC evening news in Canada, Sky in the UK, Channel 9 in Australia, as well as channels in Europe, Japan, India, maybe China — and we keep exploding our metamemes day after day, week after week, month after month until the world takes notice.

We disrupt the capitalist spectacle … we break the commercial stranglehold on the production of meaning … we trigger a monumental mind shift in the way humanity thinks about climate change and all the other hitherto unquestioned fundamentals and fatal flaws of our global system … and we float the meme of memes: the real possibility that this experiment of ours on Planet Earth may crash and burn and bring down civilization as we know it.

Send your scripts, storyboards and videos to [email protected] and stay tuned to the launch of our first spectacular mindbomb in a couple of weeks.