Meme Wars Launch!

Be part of the exciting revolution underway in economic science.

Hey all you cultural creatives and heterodox thinkers,

Occupy Wall Street created a fissure in global consciousness . . .
Now it's time to throw a mindbomb into the chasm:

This book breaks the mathematical spell of mainstream economics and infuses it with some much-needed improvisational jazz. It features thinkers, ideas and models – bionomics, psychonomics, degrowth – that have been purged from the leading econ departments across the Western world.

Meme Wars will be launched November 13 by Seven Stories Press in the US, Random House in Canada, Penguin in the UK, and Reimann in Germany.

We hope it riles you up and catalyzes a revolt against the suicidal formalism they are currently being taught. A number of such campus revolts – especially at Harvard, University of Paris, Oxford, Cambridge, Chicago – could trigger a larger uprising against the keepers of global economic orthodoxy.

Want to be part of this revolution in economic science?


Put your university at the forefront of a monumental shift in the theoretical foundations of economic science, now underway. If you can overhaul the economics department at your school, then eventually, together, we can shift the paradigm. History shows us that this is exactly how revolutions in thought have happened in the past. Students, it is in your power to shift the theoretical foundations of economic science.


Bring analysis to action with this easy step – converge upon, download a poster, print it, and post it in the corridors of your campus and beyond. We're aiming to ignite a raging meme war not just on campus, but across the entire mindscape . . .

Students, imagine how your profs will respond when you start demanding answers to questions such as these: How do you measure progress, Mr. Professor? How does climate change factor into our study of economics? Is economic progress killing the planet? Does economics suffer from physics envy . . . is it even an exact science?

Let's pull off the ultimate jam for the fate of humanity . . . A paradigm shift in the theoretical foundations of economic science!

Check out the review in the Guardian online, or check out some of our Kickitover campaign posters in the spread about Meme Wars in the hard-copy of the Guardian: here.

Now go to and start jamming!