Meme Warfare Explained

Inside the tactical brainstorms at Adbusters.

Last weekend, acclaimed Canadian journalist Carol Off spoke with Adbusters editor-at-large, Micah White, at an event called "Get Up! Stand Up!" in Toronto. That event brought several speakers together – including Chris Hedges, Margaret Atwood and John Ralston Saul – to discuss the importance of speaking out in a democracy.

Micah spoke with Carol about the ways Adbusters embraces new and innovative tactics to catalyze a global revolution. Here's part of their conversation, recorded at Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto and aired on CBC radio's As It Happens.

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Mr. White, when you say in conclusion that occupy can return with a new movement, I would like to suggest a noble cause.


As consumers, the power of our demand for products and services influences standards of living throughout the world. Currently, the system encourages businesses to compete by seeking the cheapest means to produce. This has led to the "race to the bottom" type practices for businesses to survive. The argument is that this reduces the standard of living for all of us as a consequence.

However, if tariffs were in place, then it could encourage companies, domestic and abroad, to pay their employees a relevant minimum wage and comply with safe work conditions as per OSHA requirements. By taking those actions, those specific companies would not have to pay our tariff. I believe that would encourage businesses to not race to the bottom and it would create a global boom of prosperity. That could be the next movement. What do you think?


sure. starting with Wal-Mart. "the government" of We the People taxes Wal-Mart's imports for sale in the US? putting a chickenshitedness tax on Wal-Mart for their chickenshit "race to the bottom" type practices that burn cities and counties, and drive domestic entrepreneurs and in Bangladesh out of business? chickenshit also defined as hiring workers for a 39 hour week so's to not pay full-time perks. What are you saying?


Let's say Wal-Mart stores excess fabric in a warehouse in Honduras. Wal-Mart likes the location because, let's pretend, there are no regulations on warehouses in Honduras. The warehouse there is in terrible condition and the workers get paid less than minimum wage here, relatively. Wal-Mart would have to pay a tariff on the fabrics that they ship into the US from the Honduras warehouse. That's how it would work.


Oh so now he says their idea entailed a focused demand of the system. Great. All the many voices who DID show up to Occupy asking for the same thing were called "reformists" as if it were an dirty word, as if a small change in a certain direction leading to even more change and demands was simply kowtowing to the man. Well Mr. White it would have been helpful if you had actually put the word stating your thoughts AT THE TIME when there were so many who were interested in doing more than simply squatting in a park pretending they were living in the world they wished to build. It would have been helpful when there were so many voices saying "its time to leave the park" to expand the movement in a political direction. Oh well.

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