July 4, 2016


Today feels different … there’s a breath of

freedom in the air … a wholehearted beat
of authenticity, a gentle calm amidst the

apocalyptical frenzy that’s looming on the
horizon scaring the shit out of everyone.
Bank windows. Gas pumps. Fast food

joints. Box stores. There’s not a single
criminal corporation that’s going to escape
what’s coming. Nameless. Faceless.

Everywhere. A black marker in every
pocket, a dark thought in every mind. I can
see it spreading everywhere. First millions,
then billions, then trillions of Blackspots. The
future is not bright, but who needs that
anyway. It’s time to stop treating it like a
product you can buy and sell. My future is
one of handwritten Blackspots — treasure

island style — jammed into the hands of
every planet killing corporation in the world

… and that makes me smile … makes me

happy … makes me giddy for the end …
and the real life on the other side.