Jeremy Scahill

Must-see video on NSA oversight.


Here’s the state of oversight in the USA according to author and journalist Jeremy Scahill:

Members of congress cannot bring a pencil, paper or anything with a battery into the padded rooms in the White House where they read carefully selected and edited versions of classified material, which they are not allowed to discuss with anyone, not their constituents nor fellow lawmakers.

There’s only a handful of senators that can enter the secure classified intelligence facility, and they can only review certain (not all) memos – only ones that the White House deemed appropriate to share with Congress. But by law, Congress is supposed to oversee all actions and certainly at least some members are supposed to be briefed on covert actions. The White House is stonewalling Congress, stifling our democracy.

Watch this must-see video where Jeremy Scahill explains how this lack of oversight is connected to covert US military action around the world, the expansion of America’s surveillance state, the recent leaks by Edward Snowden and the danger we’re all in when journalism and whistleblowing are criminalized.