Istanbul is Rising!

This is the Collapse of the Wall of Fear.


First hand report from #OccupyGezi in Istanbul:

The mass resistance is in its third day while it's been six days since we intervened the illegal demolition of the park. 

The police is using unbelievable force – uncountable canisters of tear gas of various types against the people, that is, all kind of citizens from children to old people with young hearts. This illegitimate use of police force for the fancy of the political elite has united everyone in this country to stand up against their fascist deeds.

Every political group, stripped of their casual contradictions; every group of football fans, now hand to hand with eternal rivals; every environmental organization, of course, since the beginning of the occupation; individuals with all kinds of looks and belief – rockers, anarchists, Muslims, students, republicans, everyone once blamed to be nonpolitical are alas on the streets helping the barricades demonstrate their repulsion of current domestic and foreign policies.

Every NGO and school nearby is opening their doors to the wounded and tired, people decided to hang white sheets on their windows to indicate they want to give people shelter, everyone at home by the browser trying to confirm important information through a frenzy of tweets to keep the demonstrators up-to-date; all of this is very helpful for the resistance, which, by yesterday afternoon has succeeded to move the police away from Taksim area . . . and the occupation continues.

The movement of action and solidarity has spread to every other city in Turkey in different form and scale. We have seen some vandalism on accurate targets like banks and global companies, a FOX news car is turned down to help build a barricade, all the walls around Taksim are now decorated with graffiti which creatively ridicules the government. No pillaging is underway, people don't fight with each other. Some shops are open and the public transport is functional, and the streets were cleaned by the protestors as of this morning.

I believe this is something the world has never seen before. This is the collapse of the wall of fear for Turkish people. And I hope this will be the dawn of a new understanding for all of us, a new way of life where respect and love will come before profit and greed. Please do you part to help share this feeling all around.

Yakup Çetinkaya