The hidden election victory

Republicans and democrats unite against corporations.


On election night, beneath all the clamor and hoopla, amidst the strange mix of excitement, relief and doubt . . . something wonderful and truly revolutionary happened. Jumping over politics-as-usual, the people of Colorado and Montana united behind a powerful resolution: to get money out of politics by amending the U.S. Constitution.

This sudden and monumental grassroots victory is something the corporate media does not want to talk about . . . that finally, there is some real push-back on Citizens United and at last, the ultimate solution to restoring democracy — a constitutional amendment revoking corporate personhood — feels tantalizingly within reach.

Reclaim Democracy! has the full story of this hidden election victory:

In Montana, early returns showed a whopping 75 percent of voters supporting Initiative 166, which directs Montana’s congressional delegation to help pass an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would revoke corporate personhood. In addition to overruling multiple instances of pro-corporate activism by the U.S. Supreme Court justices, such an Amendment would allow reinstatement of Montana’s Corrupt Practices Act, struck down by a federal court just months ago after it protected the integrity of state elections for 100 years.

In Colorado, Amendment 65 had won overwhelmingly with 73 percent of votes as of this writing. The measure instructs Colorado’s congressional delegates and state legislature to support an Amendment that allows Congress and the states to limit campaign contributions and spending...

Read the full story here and weigh in below.

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I'm excited to see Montana breaking ground in the Democracy Movement--no lefty stigma there! Great collection of links in the Reclaim Democracy article.

M Garrison

I,too, am excited! Ever since the Supreme Court ruled corporations can donate unlimited amounts of money to elections as freedom of speech, I've been dumfounded on how We The People can turn this around where we are not diminished and silenced like this. Way to go Montana and Colorado!


The stupid whanker waving that flag in the pic at the top of this story has it fastened upside down.

Oh well, maybe she sees everything upside down....

Maybe that's why someone could dupe her into waving that flag in the first place.


Anonymous 2, people hang the American flag upside-down as a middle minger aimed at patroitism and the American way. She did it on purpose.

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