Hey Reuters!

Tell Reuters to stop killing the messenger.

As mainstream journalists and media organizations continue the state department inspired character assasination of whistleblower Edward Snowden, anonymous sources in the US security establishment have been quoted by Reuters News Agency saying: “militants have begun responding by altering methods of communication, a change that could make it harder to foil attacks.”

The story, The ‘Snowden Effect’: U.S. spies say militants change tactics written by authors Mark Hosenball, Matt Spetalnick and Peter Apps, says:

Intelligence agencies have detected that members of targeted militant organizations, including both Sunni and Shi'ite Islamist groups, have begun altering communications patterns in what was believed to be a direct response to details on eavesdropping leaked by the former U.S. spy agency contractor, two U.S. national security sources said.

How convenient that just as Snowden is fighting for his freedom, on the run from the most heavily armed and telecommunications savvy superpower the world has ever known, that unattributed claims about unidentified muslim groups changing tactics are getting legitimate treatment in the media. This has state department lies and political spin written all over it. Did these reporters go to the Stephen Glass school of journalism?

“I covered al-Qaeda for The New York Times, and, believe me, they know they’re being monitored,” said Chris Hedges on a recent interview about Snowden on Democracy Now. “The whole idea that somehow it comes as a great surprise to jihadist groups that their emails, websites and phone calls are being tracked is absurd.”

Hey Reuters! Remember when Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush cited the USA mainstream press and its anonymous-source-laden articles as proof that Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass Destruction? Where do you think those anonymous comments came from?

We hope that the American people are smart enough to see through this nonsense. Every major media outlet in North America has blood on their hands from both gulf was and the war on Terror … and now this.