Hey Mr. Netanjahu!

Are you ready to give up your nuclear program, too?


Today at the United Nations, Mr. Netanjahu once again called for the total dismantling of Iran’s nuclear program. But what he never mentions, and what very few news outlets in the U.S. ever talk about, is that Israel has had a nuclear monopoly in the Middle East for decades now, and that it has repeatedly protected that monopoly with force: bombing the Osirak nuclear facility in Iraq in 1981 and the Deir ez-Zor nuclear facility in Syria in 2007 ... and more recently, carrying out targeted killings of leading Iranian atomic scientists.

And today at the UN, Mr. Netanjahu has once again threatened to attack nuclear facilities in Iran ... and to do it alone if he has to.

With the climate at the UN shifting ... the time is now ripe to put an end to this incredible double standard. Nations might finally begin to talk openly about Israel’s nuclear monopoly and how it is the root cause of so much of the distrust and carnage that we’ve all regrettably come to accept as normal in the Middle East.

This is the perfect moment to hold, not only Iran’s, but Israel’s feet to the nuclear fire.

Over the next few days, CNN, BBC, FOX, Al Jazeera, The New York Times and every major news outlet that interviews Mr. Netanyahu should put these questions to him:

Mr. Netanjahu, are you ready to declare the truth about your nuclear program?

Are you prepared to tell the world what is happening at your Dimona nuclear facility?

Mr Netanjahu, will you also be joining the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) and participate in the creation of a nuclear-free Middle East?

Now spread this meme far and wide:
We want a #NuclearFreeMiddleEast!

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It's not mentioned because you're an Anti-Semite if you, who wants to lose their job for questioning this? Then you have to question who makes the policy in MSM and shazzam! Again, you're an Anti-Semite!


Hey Adbusters! Why are you pimping for Iran, one of the most repressive, reactionary regimes on the planet? Israel has a right to be worried about a country where venomous, Nazi-inspired paranoia about Jews is part of the official ideology.

And how can you possibly claim that Israel's nuclear monopoly is the "root cause of so much of the distrust and carnage" plaguing the Middle East today?

Have 100,000 Syrians died in a civil war caused by Israel's nuclear monopoly? What about the conflict between the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood, or the destruction of Coptic churches, or the suicide bombings of Shi'ite pilgrims and schoolchildren in Iraq, or the fighting between Turks and Kurds? How is Israel's nuclear monopoly the root cause of any of that?

There's enough knee-jerk Israel-bashing on the internet already without Adbusters jumping on the bandwagon.


I agree with the post above entirely. When Adbusters starts shilling for a misogynistic, hateful, ruthless, dogmatic regime like Iran, that's when I reconsider whether it's worth reading Adbusters. Israel may have its faults, and it does for sure, but compared to all the other countries in the Middle East, Israel is a shrine of human decency and restraint.


Absolute hipocrisy. Isreal is the only middle east country who has nuclear missiles, reported to be aproximately 200, and who's halarious official postion on the question of its nuclear program is that they will 'neither confirm nor deny' it's existence. Ha. I ask who else could get away with this? And its been allowed to have this position since the 60's!

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