Great National Work of Theatre

America's boxing match spectacl-election is reaching climax.

Romney’s over-zealous confidence after nailing the first debate, as well as Obama’s desperation, signal that we are now in the climax stage of this great, national work of theater, sponsored by Fortune 500s, SuperPACS & billionaires. This is nothing else than a cut-throat boxing-match spectacle, where who is landing the jabs and hooks, and how well Obama is counterpunching, has America mesmerized and distracted while the real issues – the drought, the record temperatures, the fiscal cliff, the precipitous decline of the nation, the metastasis of “me, myself & I” culture, etc. – are all spiraling out of control . . .

Here is an anxious email that the Obama campaign sent out this morning:

Friend --

Here's the first thing Mitt Romney said to his supporters this morning:

“Victory is in sight.”

Stand with President Obama for a second term. Chip in $5 or more today:

Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Can't you feel Obama's palpable, clammy fear?

But wait . . . the national unemployment number just went down by 0.3% and the American government finally took J.P Morgan to court this week...and now look, here's Obama climbing back into the ring! Wow...will he take on the corporatocracy, fight back against Goldman Sachs, end the student loan crisis, give us back our foreclosed homes, revoke the charter of ExxonMobil and BP, and chart a path out of the climate catastrophe? As America burns, we watch a high-def spectacle, a theatrical performance heating up quickly towards a grand finale. And the real winner, unless we knock out both Obama and Romney and launch a new #PIRATEPARTYUSA, will be the corporations who paid for the show.

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