Global Warning

This epic human journey of ours is about to enter a 10,000 year Dark Age.

You’re in denial. You don’t need yet another convincing argument, you need a sledge hammer.

Help us. We’re on a mission. To wake up the zombie masses from their consumerist, cyber, capitalist stupor to the perils our Earth is facing. We’re working on a series of fierce 15-second mind-bombs that will go viral on YouTube and air hundreds of times on TV channels across the world. This wake up call is designed to leaves everyone who sees it transformed . . . unable to return to a life of ecological amnesia. We hope to trigger a monumental mind shift in the way humanity thinks about climate change and the possibility that our current capitalist system will crash and bring down civilization as we know it . . . unless . . . we resist.

Discussing geophysicist Brad Werner’s now-famous research paper, Is Earth f**ked?, Naomi Klein writes: “the bottom line [is] clear enough: global capitalism has made the depletion of resources so rapid, convenient and barrier-free that ‘earth-human systems’ are becoming dangerously unstable in response. When [Werner was] pressed by a journalist for a clear answer on the “are we f**ked” question, Werner set the jargon aside and replied, ‘More or less.’” . . . BUT, Klein continues . . .

There is one dynamic in the model, however, that offered some hope. Werner terms it “resistance” – movements of “people or groups of people” who “adopt a certain set of dynamics that does not fit within the capitalist culture.” According to the abstract for his presentation, this includes “environmental direct action, resistance taken from outside the dominant culture, as in protests, blockades and sabotage by indigenous peoples, workers, anarchists and other activist groups.”

Help us launch this Global Warning campaign . . . a surefire chink in the doomsday system! Email [email protected] if you are interested in brainstorming or possibly funding this Global warning campaign that could change the course of human history!

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Peter Jocis

Free the Energy: Awareness and support for energy evolution alone, will usher in grand new degrees of Freedom with unlimited and sustainable possibilities for the evolution of Life on Earth.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Una fragante rosa.

La claridad
del cielo
cristalino brilla
silente como
un diamante
en el canto
del sol.

Francesco Sinibaldi


You surely can not be living in that much of a void to believe we can save the planet if enough of us become vegans? I've had enough of the vegan/vege left acting without a thought for the hardships of poor and working people.

Brian Casey

With u there cornell.. The real issue? How about money & politics: without this separation (getting the money out of politics) e.g. Corporations as a single vote therefore able to back candidates and/or legislation (single voter like you and me) if found guilty in the eyes of the law then off to jail. Corporation in jail. Hahaha.. See the absurdity of this?? Chris Dodd (Dodd-Frank bill) now retired makes $2.4 million /year as a lobbyist fir the motion picture industry. No more lobbying.. No more corporate interests..this for starters-my doomsday estimate is something less than 100 years-all over for human.. Maybe the dumbest animal of all when social reality is the issue.


Vegan of plant based whole foods IS our common heritage before the era of colonialism leading to global capitalism. A minimalist low impact footprint with every health advantage available.

Capitalism is dead and rotting but the toxic decay will wipe out humanity as we know it.
The sooner the capitalist body is disposed of then the greater are the chances of a small group of humans to survive. The longer capitalism remains then the smaller the eventual surviving group will be.
There is nothing new about the future of things.

It is a matter of getting your head around the implications.

Vegans or the like - Yes but even then the population will shrink.


And when did any God give food to the starving billions? The world is going to hell, where is God now? Maybe, just maybe, we should stop copping out by hoping God will fix everything and start taking initiative?


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