A Historic Mistake

Why was the nuclear-free Middle East option not on the table in Geneva?

For years, without much success, Adbusters has tried to slip the “Nuclear Free Middle East” meme into global consciousness. Now … as the Iranian nuclear deal has sparked a global war of words – with Israel calling it a “historic mistake” – the moment is ripe to give it another go.

There’s something oxymoronic about Israel being the sole possessor of nukes in the Middle East. Even more than its illegal settlements in the West Bank, Israel’s nuclear monopoly exacerbates the already tumultuous political climate in this most volatile region of the world.

Consider why Bashar al-Assad assembled a stockpile of chemical weapons in the first place … because he wanted Syria to have some military parity against Israeli nukes.

And how can the hundreds of millions of people living in the lands surrounding Israel, especially the fiercely proud Iranians with their four thousand year history in the region (and with the legacy of the CIA overthrow of Mohammad Mossadegh and installation of the Shah still fresh in their minds) tolerate living under the Israeli nuclear thumb?

The current regime in Iran is not pretty, that’s for sure, but the settlement activity in the West Bank is an equally fanatical enterprise. One sure way to tone down the antagonisms, distrust and anger and move towards a lasting peace, is to remove the nuclear bait from the equation. Neither of these nations, or any nation for that matter, can be trusted with nukes.

A nuke-free Middle East is the only sane solution ... the only way to prevent the Middle East from eventually spiralling into a catastrophic war of biblical proportions.

One effective way to launch the #NUKEFREE meme into the public imagination is to confront Obama, Kerry, Cameron, Harper or Abbott at a nationally televised press conference with the question, “why isn’t a #NUKEFREE option on the table?’ Their answers may resonate with billions of people around the world.

Another tantalizing tactic is to relentlessly tweet the reporters and journalists – everybody from Peter Mansbridge and Wendy Mesley at the CBC, to Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Fareed Zakaria at CNN, to Charlie Rose, Tom Friedman and David Brooks & Isabel Kershner at The New York Times – and ask why they never ask their political guests this simple question: “Why a nuclear monopoly … why not a nuclear free Middle East?”

Go for it! Join the social media meme war … your persistent tweets could help trigger a game changer in the Middle East!


Hey Charlie Rose, why is the nuclear-free Middle East option not on your table?
Hey Fareed Zakaria, why is the nuclear-free Middle East option not on your table?
Hey Anderson Cooper, why is the nuclear-free Middle East option not on your table?

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Israel needs the nuclear weapon to protect itself from all the enemies around,
the israely army is called IDF-Israel Defence force.

Nukefree Man

If Israhell complied with international law and treated Palestinians and Jews as equals, there would be no enemies of Israhell to defend against!

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