Evacuate the Elections, Please.

The sub-text of the Frankenstorm.

We are witnessing climate change right now in America. It is screaming, whipping, surging and flooding in our face. With a gigantic and potentially lethal hurricane hitting America's East coast days before an election in which “climate change” has been banished from the debate platform, it's hard not to anthropomorphize “nature” – as Gaia wreaking vengeance upon her ungrateful children. Wall Street is flooded, 90 miles per hour winds are approaching the land – a warning from Mother Earth that we can't mess with her for much longer without suffering dire consequences.

We had earlier warnings – the unprecedented droughts all summer, food scarcity and sky-rocketing prices, and this last year the continental United States faced record high temperatures across the board. Polls show that Americans are in fact aware of climate change and consider it a pertinent issue for their country, yet none of the presidential or vice-presidential candidates this year uttered “climate change” or “global warming” at all – it wasn't even the elephant in the room (but only referenced obliquely, and once, as the subject matter of a crude joke by Romney in his acceptance speech at the Republican convention). Instead, the planet has been completely disavowed for the sake of fiscal concerns. It is as if the “economic crisis” is being used as a political shield against facing the “ecological crisis”. This is astounding, sad and remarkably irrational – especially since “climate change” has been a subject that's at least been mentioned in every presidential debate since 1988.

When future humans (that is, if we survive Gaia's revolt) look back at this time they will be horrified and confused by the fear and denial that our country showed as the planet exhibited dramatic symptoms of grave illness – where our leaders were swayed by financial power and industry clout, even as they were forced to evacuate cities, even as climate change slapped 8 foot walls of water in their faces . . . even as the lives of 60 million people (20% of the USA population) were disrupted by a massive and unusual late October storm . . . they remained asleep . . . not even in denial, not even afraid, just greedy. If there was ever a wake-up call, well, this is it.