Endless Summer

Adbusters 109 hits newsstands worldwide!


We’re wondering if you’ve ever had that feeling, when your stomach flutters as you read about the uprisings and insurrections happening in all corners of the world? Do you lie awake at night knowing that you are here for a reason, to be part of a global paradigm shift that will steer this human experiment of ours on planet earth back onto a sane, sustainable path? When you see the youth on the streets, with shining eyes that hold the promise of a future worth fighting for, do all the hairs on your arm stand up?

In this unprecedented tipping-point moment we're living through, where speaking the truth has become taboo and freedom is covered in blood, we fearlessly say what we believe, smash denial and apathy with a vengeance, and blast epiphanies into the world that seduce that wild human spirit in us all to unfurl its wings at long last. We see these end-times we are living through as the contractions of a more beautiful world struggling to be born. We won’t stop until we shift the paradigm.

Issue 109 captures the moment in our collective history where the dice of fortune are rolled. Singularity or Nightfall? Revolutionary horizon or 1000-year Dark Age? Do we continue celebrating the doomsday machine or re-make our Promethean impulses for good? This issue explodes the moment were in – whistleblowers, modernity 2.0, Eastern and Western brains, narcissistic personality disorder, the mindf**k of military advertising ... the whole world is up for grabs!

Averting the 1000-year Dark Age will require more than tweaks and tune-ups to the doomsday machine we're caught in. It will take a total overhaul, a radical reconstruction of the most sacred cows of Western Civilization – individualism, linearity, corporate personhood, progress, endless growth … in this issue of Adbusters we take these on one by one.

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