Digital Detox Week, Day 2

A seven-day journey toward a clear mind.  

Is your mind buzzing with things you couldn’t share with your friends/family/co-workers?

All day yesterday, you survived without news-feeds, tweets, and the torrents of pictures, texts and videos.

But the computer you are reading this on right now ... is not helping.

You still have unfettered access to infotoxins and miscellaneous online trash.

Grab the book that is nearest to you, close this screen and read the first three chapters without a break. This focus will calm your fragmented mind.


Jammers! Let us know how you fare through this week-long vacation from the virtual world. Email us your triumphs, struggles and revelations to [email protected]. At the end of Digital Detox Week, we will share the most riveting missives we receive by publishing them online on