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Digital Detox, Day 1.


What was your New Year’s resolution? To slim down? To drink less? Save more cash? While musing over the betterment of your person, did you pay any mind to your digital addiction rife with narcissism and voyeurism? Maybe that’s where you should start, instead.

For one week from today, Monday February 10th, to Friday the 16th, we will be here to guide you through a Digital Detox. We will directly address and reorganize the crippling dissonance our minds have nurtured in silico – through the digitization of life we’ve witnessed over the last few decades.

Each day of Digital Detox will be more challenging than the last. Your will go through withdrawal. Your mind will resist. But finally ... you will find that moment of stillness. You will rediscover that long-lost relationship with your lone self ... and the world beyond the screen.


Ten years ago, Facebook snatched the digital reins from MySpace and perfected voluntary self-invasion of privacy.

Since 2004, Facebook has mastered the sinister art of tapping into people’s narcissism for profit, all while creating the single-largest marketing database in the world. Let’s pay homage to the corporatization of the self by disabling all of it for a week!

1.       Open Facebook (or whichever social media platform you regularly use) in your internet browser
2.       Go to Settings and hit Privacy
3.       At the bottom, Deactivate Your Account
4.       Repeat for the rest of the applications with which you bolster your marketability

Bon courage! And don’t worry, your virtual alter-ego will be preserved, whether you like it or not, during this detox period. Nothing digital ever dies.


Jammers! Let us know how you fare through this week-long vacation from the virtual world. Email us your triumphs, struggles and revelations to [email protected]. At the end of Digital Detox Week, we will share the most riveting missives we receive by publishing them online on adbusters.org.