Will we, as a species, break through it?

In Adbusters #112, hitting newsstands worldwide on Monday, we tell the story of humanity as we collectively move through the 5 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

But can we, as a species, break through the denial and begin to mobilizing, and redirecting, our rage? Imagine what could happen if we all stop swallowing our anger & turning it inwards ... if we all stopped being so wimpy ... if we all stopped playing nice...

Then, the next challenge will await ... where we must make it through the delusions of bargaining and the fog of depression ...and make it to Acceptance.Then, and only then, will the actions we take...make a difference.

But will our civilization ever own up to its destructive tendencies and accept its imminent mortality?

Will we learn, as a civilization, how to die … and free ourselves to humbly face the brave-new-world without fear?

Stay tuned for the launch of Adbusters #112 – A Guide for the Perplexed – hitting newsstands worldwide on Monday February 24!

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Can't wait to read the incoming issue, but I am having trouble finding newsstands in Madrid, Spain, that sell Adbusters (not even past numbers), any thoughts or suggestions?

Anonymous 3000

Why are Adbusters posts always so minimal? When you could have the chance to really say something you dont bother. it seems lazy. Can we have real, longer articles please and not this tiny bite-size rants?

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