Crisis in America

A Tale of Three Terrors.

The Boston massacre has rendered visible the big black hole at the heart of the United States of America.

Who did this and why?

Was it al Qaeda delivering blowback for American drone attacks and Guantanamo torture? Or was it a Timothy McVeigh type homegrown terrorist making a grand gesture about gun control on Tax Day? Or was it a random school shooter type attack by a lone wolf suffering from psychosis?

The fact that no one has taken responsibility only increases our collective uncertainty and anxiety. We've seen this before. When will it end? Is a call for retribution President Obama's only response?

There is a crisis in America. A crisis of ethics and a crisis of imagination and, above all, a crisis of leadership.

When will an American leader step forward with a vision that can end the senseless, escalating violence? A violence that is spiraling into the undoing of our once great nation.

Sign the petition asking President Obama to dig deeper and come up with new domestic and geopolitical visions for our future at

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What about our perverse (mis)valuation of human life?

What's this about "our once great nation"? Prove it.


Don't forget: this country has > 300 million people.

If it on average takes a person 150 million years to get this mad, you would get two cases like this a year.

There are certain other things to panic about.


'Crisis of imagination', well said. But it is not just USA, globally this seems to be an actually rather serious problem. It leads to pathologic violent acts (like the three mentioned), and also wars, consumerism or even worse: bureaucratic, prefabricated lives that are nothing but a waste of breath (I speak from my own experience). And yet, there is Cairo, Plaza de Sol, the Occupation. The first time I went the OWS, the amount of weirdos in there just turned me off. There was a woman with a parrot shitting in her hair. It seemed dreadful, nothing like the political organization I expected. Only after a few days I began to understand: Freaks live according to what they dream of themselves, that is why they are beautiful, that is why they are fundamental. Sure, there is a 'crisis of imagination', but there is also a resistance. Not sure I'll be getting birds nesting in my head soon, but I am proud to be a freak. Let's dare to imagine. Everything is already lost, so there is nothing else to loose.


Lone wolf suffering from psychosis sounds rude and offensive, social animals don't do such a coward act of mindless and soulless destruction


The c.i.a. created al-Qaeda in the 1980s. The U.S. still admittedly funds al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria.

There is something seriously wrong with these "lone wolf" plots.

Watch family guy episode 15 that aired last month for the first time. It is called the turban cowboy. At the beginning of the episode, Peter kills a bunch of people in a marathon that Bob Costas calls the Boston Marathon. Later in the episode, Peter becomes a terrorist and plots to blow up a bridge with muslim terrorists.

The fact that this episode aired a month ago is incredibly eerie. Any media source that downplays the episode as a hoax is testing your ability to interpret the truth.

Same thing with the last Batman movie. At 1 hour and 58 minutes into the movie, there is a map of sandy hook.


You cannot trust any media source that says that the family guy episode is a hoax. Yes, there is a clip out there that edits the episode down to a few minutes, but it the real episode is eerie enough to be newsworthy. By omitting the newsworthiness of the actual episode, we are being disinformed.


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