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The global revolutionary moment we’ve all been waiting for.


It almost happened back in May 1968 when a fiery Situationist-inspired riot in Paris’s Latin Quarter set off a chain reaction of marches, sit-ins and uprisings in hundreds of cities and campuses around the world.

For a tantalizing few months it really felt like the beginning of a new Epoch, the first global revolution… but then…  it was over.

In 2003, it almost happened, when millions of people marched in protest against the American invasion of Iraq… for a few weeks it felt as if the passion of the people could change the way wars are fought and the way our world is run… but then this moment of high global passion passed. Everyone went back to business as usual.

It almost happened in September 2011, when an Arab-Spring-inspired occupation of Wall Street catalyzed – in rapid fire succession – a thousand occupations across the globe. Throughout the month of October it seemed as if leaderless horizontalism – and the indignation, idealism and commitment of young people world wide – would break Big Finance and give birth to a new global mood… but then came the police raid of Zuccotti, the forced evacuation. People got afraid… spirits crashed. Winter came and it seemed at times as if it were all a dream.

Now, thanks to the relentless and fiery passion of Turkey’s youth, we’re living through another one of these global revolutionary moments.

Perhaps this time the fumbling incompetence, arrogance and secrecy of our leaders has finally become too much to bear? Maybe this is the beginning of a chain reaction of refusal against corpo-capitalism and the dead-end future it offers from which the world's power elite will never fully recover?

Maybe this time we can ignite the hot ashes in the belly of youth worldwide and spread the fire of a truly Global Spring.


This weekend, and in the days beyond, let each of us play our part in this global moment by beginning to reclaim – at long last – our own hearts, minds and souls.

For latest event details, updated times and meeting locations, please verify at Gezi Events or on the Gezi Around the World Tumblr.

  • MILANO, 6h June, 19:00 Piazza Castello
  • ZURICH, 6th JUNE, 18:00
  • TUNIS, 6th June, 15:00 pm
  • PARIS, 6th June, 19:00 – 20:30, porte Saint-Denis
  • STRASBOURG, 6th June, 19:00, place de la république!
  • LYON, 7th June, 18:00, place des Terreaux
  • STRASBOURG, June 7 19:00 place Kleber Strasbourg
  • PARIS, 7th June 19:00, Jardin des Tuileries
  • SYNTAGMA SQ. ATHENS, June 8th, 19.00
  • NYC,  ZUCCOTI PARK 8th June, 12:00
  • NYC, UNION SQUARE PARK, 6th June, 19:00
  • MADRID,  June 7pm in Puerta del Sol
  • MONTREAL, Canada 9th of June, Sunday 2pm
  • OTTAWA, Canada 8th of June, Saturday 6pm, Parliament hill
  • YOUR CITY, find an event or schedule one at GeziGlobal.TK.

Dare to dance without knowing the next step.

… Then take that step with others.