Calling all Jammers

Get your submissions in for Issue #116: Politico!

We’re now entering the endgame our six-part series Blueprint for a New World. So far we’ve traversed the mindscape of Psycho, Eco, Corpo, Techno, and now we’re off to the races with Politico … which is shaping up to be our most neuron bending geopolitical fissure of all time.

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, Occupy, Gezi Park and Sao Paulo uprisings, there was great hope, but now an emboldened mood of despair has taken hold. It is a feeling marked by the rise of General Sisi in Egypt, the disintegration of Syria, the street battles in Tripoli, the march of ISIS, Ukrainian uncertainty, massacres in Gaza and more. We wake up each morning and see a broken and militant psychic terrain emerging. Another civilizational narrative is likely underway, but its tones, its essence, its guts, no one has yet convincingly pinned down.

Are we at the start of a third world war? Is a new transparent, bottom up internet based world order struggling to be born? Have we finally reached the psychological, social, ecological and financial tipping points where nothing short of a total revolution of everyday life is the only possibility?

We’re looking for politically minded reader submissions with guts and fervour, to lend a voice to the most viscerally and politically charged under currents of our time. Are we entering the twilight of the West? How do you feel about politics? What can you do about it? What does it all add up to, if anything? What are the tactical breakthroughs we need to make?

If you’ve got a blast, a rant, a confession, a manifesto, a beef, a grievance, an epiphany, a dream, a vision, a visceral update from the frontlines or a new way of being to shout to the politico world … send it to [email protected] by Aug 4, 2014, and you could be featured in the next issue of Adbusters, while helping to nudge the world towards a much needed reckoning …

Ahhh, and don’t forget, at, we’re hosting a global vote on the most hated criminal corporations in the world. Which one will you choose?

For the wild,

P.S. We’re looking for a fresh crop of activist translators to join our reinvigorated translators brigade. Help get Adbusters into Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Swazi, Yiddish, French, Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese, Cantonese and beyond! Contact [email protected] to lend your talents.