Break the Trance!

Help us wipe the world’s most criminal corporations off the face of this Earth!

Hey Jammers,

We’ve polished off the first two issues — Psycho and Eco — of our Blueprint for a New World series and now we’re starting to work on part three: Corpo.

The premise behind Corpo is that in order to have any kind of a sane sustainable future on this planet, we the people have to rein in the runaway power of corporations and keep them in line.

Everything that us lefty magazines have put out on corporations over the last 20 years hasn’t added up to a hill of beans. We’ve pleaded, begged, complained, pointed fingers and yelled from the rooftops — yet corporate power has only grown stronger, more arrogant and ruthless. They’ve heard our complaints but guess what? They don’t give a F@#$K.

Can we break out of that whiny, finger-pointing lefty mold & come up with something that finally fires people up? Something that actually breaks the corporate spell … and sends a shiver down the corporate spine?

You can help us do this! Send us a missive from deep inside your guts about your own intimate relationships with corporations. Describe the way brands imbue just about every private aspect of your life … and how it feels near impossible to break free and live without them. Tell us about the products that give you meaning and excitement … how GM helps you escape, McDonalds fills your gut, Chevron fills your tank and Google takes you to the far reaches of your imagination.

Or maybe you’re a mole working for Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, the FDA, the FED or some other corporation … and have something you want to get off your chest? Or maybe you have a strategic insight on how to take power back from Wall Street, Walmart, Nike, Big Meat, Big Pharma, Big Oil — tactical insights, blind spots, humiliations, memetic disruptions … a path towards revoking a corporate for the first time in a hundred years.

Share with us your personal stories, your outrage, your epiphanies and your insider secrets on the corporate world and how you think we can make them bow to the will of the people.

Send your submissions to [email protected] before April 21.

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