Freedom is having time to live!

November 29 is Buy Nothing Day!

Today, humanity faces a stark choice: save the planet and ditch capitalism, or save capitalism and ditch the planet.
– Fawzi Ibrahim

Freedom is having time to live.
– Uruguay’s president, Jose Mujica

Here it comes again. Another Black Friday of shoppers being trampled to death at the entrance of Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart. And then, hallelujah! … the Christmas shopping season begins.

This year, let’s rise above it! It’s time to start challenging the entrenched values of capitalism, which have hijacked our lives and our cultural rituals for far too long. ’Tis the season to make a pact with ourselves … to start changing our own lives so that we can collectively face the gigantic psycho-financial-eco crises of our time.

The journey toward a sane sustainable future begins on a deeply personal and individual level with a single, voluntary step: make a vow to yourself to go cold turkey on consumption this Friday (in North America – Saturday for the rest of the world). Do not buy anything for 24 hours … and watch what happens … you just might have an unexpected, emancipatory epiphany!

Buy Nothing Day is legendary for instigating this type of personal transformation. As you suddenly remember what real living is all about, you may sense an upsurge of radical empowerment and feel a strange magic creeping back into your life.

Join millions of us in over 80 countries on November 29/30 and find out for yourself what it feels like.

And why not play some jazz while you are at it!? Put up Buy Nothing Day posters in your office, neighborhood, on campus … organize a credit card cut up, pull off a Whirl-mart at a box store, or put on an anonymous mask and walk zombie-like through your local mall.

Then, if you feel inspired, take the next step … for generations, the holidays have been hijacked by commercial forces … this year, why not take the season back? Have a heart to heart with your family and decide to celebrate Christmas, Chanukkah and Kwanzaa in a whole new way. Go for it!

This year, let’s throw a well-honed, fun-filled monkey wrench into the doomsday machine!