Buy Nothing Xmas

How to put some spirit back into the holidays!

Ho ho ho Jammers!

Are you going to participate once again in the doomsday consumer fest that Christmas has become … or are you going to try do things differently this year?

Buy Nothing Christmas is the surest way to leave zero-footprint on the planet, but the truth is not everyone is ready to go cold turkey from gift giving. But each of us can still make a radical move by upholding this single vow .... repeat the following out loud in front of a witness, “I shall not visit a single mall or box store this Christmas. I hereby swear-off Amazon and all the other online mega stores! I pledge to go indie and local or bust!”

Avoiding the nerve centers of corpo-capitalism and going local and indie with every gift you buy will magically change your mood and inject some authentic spirit into your gift hunting.

And while you’re in the tone-shifting mood, why not slip a ten-dollar bill into the hands of the next homeless person you encounter!

Then give $100 to your favorite NGO.

Go deep … give till it hurts … (just not to a megacrop). That impulse to give beyond the comfort zone is where the real magic of the holidays lives.

Kanpai, prosit, krisimesi emnandi, l’chayim, Joyeux Noël!

Here’s to a corpo-free holiday this year!

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Francesco Sinibaldi

Mirando el mar.

el mar cerca
del acantilado
escucho una
voz viviente
y ligera como
el canto del
sol cuando
viene la aurora.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Clint Worden

I've taken up baking cookies and sending them to friends and family. As a youngin' I have fond memories of homemade Christmas goodies that would come in the mail. Those expected delectables made the holidays extra special. So, I've given up buying crap made in China and send something much more meaningful


I do think that not giving presents at all would be a bad idea, you would probably hurt the people you love and come across as a heavy-handed dogmatic ideologue. Buying from independent and/or local sources seems like a better way to go.


Why is buying "indie and local" more "authentic" than buying from anywhere else? And how is making that claim any different from a clever piece of niche marketing?

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