Bloomberg's Fascist Surprise

Leads to Zuccotti Retribution


Broken backs, broken spines, bound in dissent (and they took the spoons and the spatulas too)—Bloomberg's invasion of Zucotti Park on November 15, 2011 was an exercise in fascist surprise. The shadowed violence of a midnight raid, hidden from media view, hidden from the break of day, is an image that endures in collective memory.

Inflicting arrhythmia upon the once-steady beat of Wall Street, the occupation of Zuccotti Park exposed the dark heart of global capitalism to the world. But what most threatened the status quo were the visceral alternatives occupiers lived—the way they slept, the way they ate, the books they read. And so they were removed.

If Bloomberg felt victorious at the sight of the empty space, the feeling was surely short lived. The occupation has dispersed and is now a global phenomenon. Resistance is no longer subversive and oppression is no longer the default. Today, in New York City, the courts have ordered the NYPD to pay for the damage they caused and the havoc they wreaked. The ruling is a victory, a spark of light on a glowing horizon. Today, we celebrate.

We are on the cusp of the global spring. And it will bring the beast to its knees, beginning with #Goldman and on towards a future that we, ourselves, have crafted.

Wendee Lang and Kyle Robertson