The First Step in Rethinking Capitalism

How Blackspot intends to change the system.

From modest, regional beginnings, capitalism has evolved into a mighty global system dominated by a handful of huge corporations. The goal of Blackspot is to start reversing this trend, to use our wealth to support local and small business, and to replace commercial fashion with a genuine, grassroots sense of cool.

It’s a big undertaking. With Blackspot Shoes we’ve demonstrated that it can be done, but it’s about much more than shoes. One of our primary goals from the beginning has been to engage in a meaningful dialogue with readers and Blackspot customers about the philosophy and strategy behind this unusual brand. Adbusters’ new website has provided us with the tools to do a better job of that. This new blog is a first step in that direction.

It’s time to rethink capitalism, so let’s get to it. Please join in the discussion.