Fashion designers go open-source

Berlin-based Pamoyo is launching an experiment in open-source design.

Blackspot is an open-source brand. The first of its kind, as far as we know. What does that mean? Well, we retain the right to define the brand, but those who use it faithfully may use it free of charge. It belongs to the creative commons.

Now Berlin-based clothier, Pamoyo, is following in Blackspot’s footsteps by embracing the open-source principle. Springwise hears from founder, Cecilia Palmer, about the reasons why:

”We don’t make designs to protect them, but to spread them. The designs and patterns can be found on our website, and anyone can share it and use it. In this way, someone can take an idea or design and build on it. We want to make it possible to build upon each other’s work in such a thing as fashion design, and we’re planning to make a community platform out of that.”