Blackspot Sighted in Venice

Adbusters reader finds Anti-Nike sentiments in Italy.

Apparently not everyone is fooled by Nike's 2003 purchase of Converse for $305 million. An Adbusters reader wrote to tell us that in a recent trip to Italy, he discovered Blackspot graffiti:

Dear Adbusters,

For the month of January I studied economics and the envirnment in Italy. Overall I learned alot and one of the high lights of the trip was seeing this blackspot tagged on a wall in Venice. I have been a reader for half a year now and I flipped out when I saw this and my group did not understand so I gave them my explanation regarding what your views are and alot of them checked out your website. The Nike wears were a little agitated I think but at least I made them think. Anyway I attatched the picture of the two that I saw and I just want to let you know that your word is spreading all over the world.

M. T.

Pacific Lutheran University

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