Action Update

An activist's story.

Here at Blackspot we would like to applaud those that are out there taking action to make a difference and spreading the Blackspot philosophy. Check out this incredible story of a pair of blackspots, a man, and a 200 foot crane:

Hi Adbusters!
Just wanted to let you know that my second pair of Blackspots (I wore the 1st pair until they literally fell off my feet!) proved mighty powerful climbing shoes in dropping 2 major banners on some of the nastiest corporate ecocidal maniacs around. On October 9th, in support of the amazing work done by Rainforest Action Network, a few friends and I scaled the Chicago Board of Trade and dropped a 50 foot banner on big-agra monsters ADM, Bunge, and Cargill to put those assholes on notice for their roles in rainforest decimation. A photo in the Chicago Sun-Times clearly shows the hand-painted blackspot logo representin' right before the fire department pulled me through a 19th story window and beat the shit out of me. Real professional, Chicago FD!

Then, 3 days ago, on the 23rd we dropped another 50 footer from a crane 200 feet above downtown Charlotte, NC. The target: Bank of America. The issue: their financing of Mountain Top Removal and rape of the Appalachian coal fields. You can't really see the sneakers from the photos, but they lived up to their name by helping us sneak onto the construction site undetected and provided flawless sure-footed traction while we were preparing to deploy over the edge.

I just wanted to say while your work may be controversial even among the most agreeable of activists, I can't thank you enough for all you do, how it has inspired me for years, and want to remind everyone how integral all of our work is to facilitate the common goal of a living future. I love your (our!) sneakers and will continue to raise hell with everyone who stands in solidarity against the oncoming corporate-fueled ecopocalypse. If anyone would like to check out RAN's wonderful work, check out or

Peace, Love, Solidarity,
John Watterberg

If you have any stories of activism and/or inspiration for change please feel free to send them to [email protected] We’ll try to share as many as possible.