Kick corporate ass — and look good doing it!

Our newly designed Blackspot “Unswoosher” boots have just arrived from Portugal.

Made with 100% organic hemp and recycled tire soles, they’re the most Earth-friendly shoes in the world! Each boot even features a red sweet spot for kicking corporate ass!

It’s been almost a decade since we embarked on the Blackspot journey, and the goal is still the same — to dethrone the mega shoe corps like Nike, Adidas and Reebok by jamming the global shoe industry with a new paradigm of #truecost brand liberation.

Just imagine a world where only indie music labels, DIY bicycle shops, cottage clothing lines, local hardware stores, co-op fuel stations, renegade restaurants and micro banks rule. Imagine independently owned coffee shops beating out Starbucks in cities around the world or a chain of restaurants serving hearty, affordable and locally produced food taking on McDonalds everywhere … and winning.

Put on a pair of Unswooshers and join us on the streets … together we can wipe out the megacorps’ manufactured “hip” and launch an #indiecool movement that builds a new world out of the detritus of the old!

Go to blackspotshoes.org and check them out.

For the wild,

from all us here Culture Jammers HQ