Doom Diary

Adbusters year-end issue hits newsstands worldwide!


A worn scrapbook from the future arrives in your lap. Mysterious, low-fi, fragmented and deeply personal – it glimmers with a stunning global vision.

A warning to the next generations, a repository of practical wisdom ... this is not just another issue of Adbusters, it’s an invaluable roadmap which you will need to navigate the dark times, and the opportunities, which lie ahead.

Doom Diary, a.k.a Adbusters #111 is unlike anything we’ve ever produced before … and its hitting new stands worldwide today! Best experienced when read cover to cover in one to two sittings, served with a grain of salt and suspended disbelief. Featuring Margaret Atwood, Chris Hedges, Dmitri Orlov, Clive Hamilton and the most intimate voices from our staff at Culture Jammers HQ.

As the Year of the Horse approaches, we’re beginning a whole new six-part series: The Blueprint for a New world. Futuristic, penetrating, with no punches pulled – this series will go deeper than we’ve ever gone, beyond analysis, beyond diagnosing societal ills … it will unfold a template for a future worth fighting for. A new mental environment, a new economy, a new media, a new psychic reality, a new Earth … isn’t it about time? While the Epic Human Journey exposed the shadows of our human dilemma, this new series will pose a way out of the existential corner with surprising curve-ball solutions to the psych-eco-financial crisis of our times ...

A new mental environment, a new economy, a new media, a new psychic reality, a new Earth … isn’t it about time? Subscribe now and you’ll get the entire Blueprint for a New World series and a free full-color 2014 wall calendar!

Anything is possible in the year of the Horse!