The Beginning of the End of Big Pharma

Beating back the metastasis of cancerous capitalism.


It could be the first stirrings of the world's immune system against a fatal malady ... India halted big pharma's global metastasis in a ruling against patent renewal.

Getting medicine to the poor isn't just a distribution problem, it's a profit war.

For too long Big pharma's hid under the banner of health and innovation while funding billion dollar advertisements, elite salaries and rampant patent evergreening through minute alterations of existing drugs – effectively marketing both the illness and the cure.

John McMurtry, a philosophy professor at the University of Guelph, argues that recognizing the disease agent is the first step to shrinking a malign growth. “On the macro-level of carcinogenic invasion,” he writes in the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives Monitor, “effective response now minimally require a global determination to resist, regulate and beat back the lethal, uncontrolled growth and metastasis of cancerous capitalism.”

Vigor returns slowly as research and health become more valuable than fourth quarter gains, as governments, researchers, and doctors reclaim medicine from the grip of profiteers.

With India freed from corpo-control, awakened courts worldwide could follow the resistance against big pharma's malignant enterprise.

Andrew Mills