Epic Human Journey, Part IV Autumn

Adbusters #110 hits newsstands worldwide!

Hey all you mind-journeyers out there,

Adbusters #110, the penultimate installment of the Epic Human Journey series, hits newsstands worldwide Monday!

Of this series so far, this one is our staff favourite. With punchy, provocative spreads, riveting visual essays and more grit than we've ever delivered on, Adbusters #110 addresses the big questions you're always chewing on, and dives deeply into the hidden recesses of human history. 

We’ve now reached Part 4, Autumn, of this epic story of humanity.

Autumn marks the moment in history where an empire segues toward decline. “God is dead”…was this the moment when we took our turn? Or was it the advertising industry, and the endless false desires that now rule us, which have led to civilizational dénouement? Perhaps the heart of the beast, to which we must drive a stake, is the very logic of the capitalist algorithm itself…

In Adbusters #110 we track the waves of spirit emerging in history – from Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha to Futurism, Hiroshima and onwards into the new paradigm. In our search for the solution to the human dilemma … we found some exciting clues in unsuspected places.

Clues (featured in this issue):

  • #RadicalTransparency – a new human right
  • The Mental Environmentalism movement kicks off!
  • How will it turn out between political Islam and the West?
  • Advertisements cause brain damage
  • The New Revolution Algorithm by Kalle Lasn
  • #DoNothingDay
  • Capitalism and the Destruction of Life on Earth by economist Richard Smith
  • Psycho-collapse vs. Eco-collapse, pyramid vs. rhizome
  • There will be blowback – a Wall Street premonition
  • The Solution to the Human Dilemma

Meanwhile, here at Adbusters HQ we’re working away on issue #111, the final chapter of our Epic Human Journey Series where we take a glimpse into humanity’s winter. It’s going to be unlike anything we’ve ever done before. This will be the most intimate story we have ever told, delivered in the form of a scrapbook reminiscing on a lifetime – from 2007-2047 – a time-capsule from the future, a staggering vision, a warning to future generations, and most importantly, a must-have manual for how to navigate the bewildering times ahead.

If you don’t want to miss the grand finale, head to to to subscribe now and you’ll receive #111 plus every tract we publish in 2014, the Year of the Horse!

For the wild,
all of us here at Adbusters HQ

Adbusters 111 Cover

On Newsstands December 3

At last we’re in Winter. It’s the year 2047. A worn scrapbook from the future arrives in your lap. It offers a stunning global vision, a warning to the next generations, a repository of practical wisdom, and an invaluable roadmap which you need to navigate the dark times, and the opportunities, which lie ahead.

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Leland F. Mellott

In October 1981, we entered Humanity's Next Cycle.
We have entered the Age Of Woman.
There will be peace on this earth.
All debts will be forgiven.
Money will be "earned" in time instead of by labor.
Only necessary products will be manufactured.
The business of this world's people will be that of saving lives.
Last will be made first, highest will be made lowest.
Love is the power and the way. There is no other way.
We were never created, but always have been and always will be; we are immortal beings.
In the sense that we never die, we are angels.
The Sea Of Being goes out from us in all directions ... forever.
Kind Regards,
Leland Mellott
Mount Vernon,

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