Anti-capitaLIST: Part 3.


How can we resist the nightmare of global capitalism and the lifestyle it demands? How can we jam the dominant logic of consumerism, imperial war, an abused Third World, and an ember planet? While no doubt daunting, we offer a guide in three parts. Each third targets a different site where capital rears its Achilles heel, where creative forms of resistance take shape and reveal new ways to live.

Under the headings, PSYCHO, ECO and CORPO this list proceeds apace in the twilight of postindustrial capital. We don’t have time as a luxury anymore; in fact, we’re living the end times. So as you use, combine, or complement the following guidelines to counter the system, act now, act fast.


To carve a niche beyond the corporate horizon

Discover alternative ways of life

Engaging in alternative lifestyles and systems of exchange denaturalizes our consumerist ways. What if we implemented local currencies, instituted collectives, imagined redistribution? For inspiration, consider the Heritage Foundation’s joke of a list—the Index of Economic Freedom—which ranks the countries friendliest to global capital. The countries considered “repressed” allow us to look for points of resistance. Venezuela, occupying the bottom, is a good place to start emulating.

Re-appropriate technology

Power cuts two ways—it constrains and enables. This is why we can use the artifacts of consumer culture (MacBooks and mobile devices) as means to attack the system that begets them.

But tech stuff can be stashed at your local library too—not necessarily the Apple store. Technology is even putting pen to paper (what better way to write a manifesto?)

Check the label

Where is your food coming from, what qualifies as food, and what sprouts nearby? Question the origin of food, and if you have a green thumb, grow your own.

Debt? What debt?

According to the Strike Debt campaign: YOU ARE NOT A LOAN. Got mounting letters due to student, credit card, or hospital debt? Some activists say to chuck ‘em in the sewer! Enough people doing this will cause the system to crack. Its heartless logic will wither.

Dugan Nichols and Wendee Lang

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