A Three Part Series on Creative Resistance: Part 2, ECO.

How can we resist the nightmare of global capitalism and the lifestyle it demands? How can we jam the dominant logic of consumerism, imperial war, an abused Third World, and an ember planet? While no doubt daunting, we offer a guide in three parts. Each third targets a different site where capital rears its Achilles heel, where creative forms of resistance take shape and reveal new ways to live.

Under the headings, CORPO, ECO, PSYCHO, this list proceeds apace in the twilight of postindustrial capital. We don’t have time as a luxury anymore; in fact, we’re living the end times. So as you use, combine, or complement the following guidelines to counter the system, act now, act fast.

Part II: ECO: We’ve left a planet of slag to posterity—it’s time to reconsider

Street Farms

Community gardeners may be the future; their projects exist in major urban centers, such as the Sole Food collective in Vancouver (with four farms) to Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI, to others from LA to Barcelona. Sole Food’s raison d’etre no doubt applies to most of these outfits, namely that they turn “vacant urban land into street farms that grow artisan quality fruits and vegetables.” With their help we can begin to uproot agribusiness its destructive tendencies.

Recognize the scope

Maybe it’s easy to forget the massive affect of industry/development/consumption on the planet. But consider that traces of fuel exist in all drinking water. Penguins in the remotest reaches carry carcinogens. Sliced open sea life contains consumed bits of plastic. Mountains of shirked computer parts languish in the Third World.

Derrick Jensen’s Endgame, Ed Burtynsky’s Manufactured Landscapes, and Chris Smith’s Collapse all track the environmental decline. It’s a sobering wake up call to immerse yourself in these media as well as other books/features in the same vein.

Live off the grid

Grove. Cabin. Conifers. Air un-tempered by the exhaust of cities… ah, how lovely the reclusive life. But wait, don’t racist militiamen want this too?

Unfortunately yes, but it so happens that capitalism begets strange bedfellows. Sometimes the far right and far left circle back on each other, differing only where they see the blame falling.

In any event, living off the grid ensures that we free ourselves from the consumerist grind. Obviously easier said than done, but imagine how liberating, how audacious, how alive it would feel to play Henry David Thoreau in our own sequestered spot.

Dugan Nichols and Wendee Lang

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How romantic, but how do we implement? We have to figure out the transitional "ECO", which means "household" in Greek. What is the transitional household, which includes both ecology and economy? We transition through the plant seeds - preferably heirloom plant seeds. We breed our own varieties using transitional breeding techniques. We use some technology to transition, realizing a some point we may be without it. It is some of the advice of the Lorax - we plant the seeds, we grow the seeds, we do the plant breeding for the seed varieties, we harvest, we eat and barter. We also learn to use a lot less energy and consume a lot less. It is not this individualist fantasy; it is how to build a 'tribe', a village and therefore a new and just governance. Food is energy also, and both are the Achilles Heel of the 'machine'. We need to be thinking of the Energy Return on Investment (EROI - Hall of S.U.N.Y., "Scientific American", 4/13) both for energy and food.


In October 1981, we entered Humanity's Next Cycle. We entered the Age of Woman. Our world is in an Ending Which Is A Beginning. We are approaching world destruction in thermonuclear holocaust AND we are leaving the beasthood of humanity for the top of the mountain. We are moving towards a world-moment, apart from which the business of this world's people will be that of saving lives. There will be peace on this earth, universal and perpetual, up to and including the last word spoken by, the last breath of, the last person to be alive. Love is the power and infinitely so. Love is the way. There is no other way.


Living off the grid is a nice idea but its also an expensive one. Do u know the cost of a solar panel? The cost of the land where one can fulfill this dream? There is a reason why it's mostly people with some means who are able to live off the grid successfully. FsI guess what I am trying to say is that the idea is doable but we would be leaving the poor behind in the neglected cities with their processed food and tv consumption. It would be more realistic if you could find a a way where even they could find the resources to build a better life where they are otherwise it's just another bourgeois escape.

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