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Mohammed Omer, youngest journalist to win the Martha Gellhorn Prize, gets brutally treated by Israeli Security Officials.

On his way back to Gaza after receiving the Martha Gellhorn Prize for journalism, Mohammed Omer, was strip searched and physically abused by Israeli security officials. Well, that's nothing new... as Jan Wijenberg (former Dutch ambassador) said about the incident:

"This is by no means an isolated incident, but part of a long-term strategy to demolish Palestinian social, economic and cultural life... I am aware of the possibility that Mohammed Omer might be murdered by Israeli snipers or bomb attack in the near future."

In April, Fadel Shana, 23, was killed while reporting for Reuters. Here is his last clip:

Dahr Jamail, the co-recipient of the Martha Gellhorn Prize, puts this into perspective by comparing his journey to receive the award with that of Omer's in Le Monde Diplomatique and concludes:

"As Omer’s colleague, I cannot reconcile the disparity in our experiences. How can we reconcile something that is irreconcilable in the absence of all justice?"

Here is Omer describing his experience on

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