Vancouverites: Support Media Democracy!

Show up at the B.C. Court of Appeal on Monday morning in support of Adbusters' lawsuit against Canwest Global

McDonald's can go on CBC Newsworld and tell us how great their Big Macs are, but Adbusters can’t buy airtime to point out that 50% of the calories in a Big Mac come from fat. The automobile manufacturers can buy as much time as they want to tell us how sexy their cars are, but Greenpeace is not allowed on to point out that the personal automobile is one of the primary causes of climate change. Every ad on TV glorifies consumption and tells us we can be happy if we buy things, but a Buy Nothing Day TV spot is not allowed on.

This lack of democracy on the public airwaves is what’s at stake in a legal action that’s going to be fought in the B.C. Supreme Court this Monday. Come to the courtroom and join people who are interested in fighting for the right to walk into their local TV station, put some money on the table and buy some airtime for some message that they believe in. Come and meet us there. Let’s fill the courtroom and win this battle for the public airwaves.

The hearing is at 10:00am on Monday, February 16th at the courthouse in downtown Vancouver (800 Smithe St.)

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