July 4

Sovereign people do not beg or negotiate with the subordinate entities they created ... sovereign people command them.

Corporate Flag

An era is ending. For generations, corporations have steered our political, economic, and environmental agendas. Their incessant lobbying and boundless advertising has shaped our existence and defined our collective identity. And through their actions, corporations have committed grievous environmental, medical and financial harm with little fear of recourse. They have been allowed to act with impunity because we the people have lacked the courage and fortitude to call them to account.

But now, financial freefall, looming climate change and the exposed arrogance of corporate CEOs have conspired to cause a crack in the monolith. Through that thin sliver, we’ve caught a tantalizing glimpse of a very different reality. We have created a rare opportunity to rethink the role that corporations play in our lives. If we persist, perhaps we can find our way back to the mindset of early America when corporations were regarded with suspicion. We can decide to treat them not as beings in their own right, but as the limbs of commerce they were intended to be. We the people are the hearts and the minds – we are the blood that feeds the system.

This July 4, pay homage to the revolutions of the past by planning the revolutions of the future. Fly the Corporate American flag as a symbol of your rebellion, reclaim your independence, your democracy, your country and your sovereign destiny.

You can print off your own Corporate Flag from our website.

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The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) has released a report on five top global retailers: Carrefour, Walmart, Tesco, Aldi, and Lidl, highlighting poor working conditions where these discounters produce their clothes and taking the companies to task for failing to take sufficient action to address these problems. Read the report and get involved in the campaign to help put these mega-corporations in their place.

Join Adbusters contributing editor Micah White to discuss the history of corporations and the struggle to regain the rights of citizens and the future of the anti-corporate movement in America.

July 4, 6pm-8pm
The Long Haul Infoshop
3124 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley CA