The scariest costume of the year

Little kid dresses up as a credit card for Halloween.

'Adbuster,' James Stafford, blogs about a ten-year-old girl in his neighborhood dressing up in the ultimate consumerist costume.

"Yesterday, I saw the most spectacular Halloween costume. A little girl, about ten years old, was parading through my neighbourhood (engaging in glorified begging for junk food) whilst dressed in the most outlandish outfit. Her choice of costume? A witch? No. A ghost? No. An undead bride of Dracula? No. A hideously disfigured corpse? No. A credit card? Yes. Yes, you read that right. She was dressed as a credit card. A girl, about ten years old, dressed as a credit card. I really don’t know where to start. (I found an advert of this costume on Google, see below.) My first thought was: “That’s not a proper Halloween costume. There’s no blood, no gore.” My second thought was: “What kind of spoilt little bitch wants to dress as a credit card for Halloween?” Why the hell is a ten year old even interested in credit cards anyway? If a child of mine ever asked to dress up as a credit card for Halloween they’d be off to a foster home before they’d even finished their sentence. I'd also be handing myself into the police for failing to raise a child properly..."
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