Illegal advertising plagues New York

Artists are prosecuted while guerrilla marketing goes on unchecked.

Vandalism is a big priority in North America’s metropolitan capital, but unlawful advertisers who litter the street with promotional messages routinely get off scot-free. New York’s Vandals Task Force hits the street daily to prosecute street artists and graffiti writers, doling out fines and jail time to the young offenders. Apparently dollars make the difference when it comes to deciding what constitutes vandalism.

"Corporate vandals are making thousands, if not millions of dollars per year, blighting the city with illegal billboards, posters, stickers, and more. And no arrests. […] The shame here is how much it costs to chase down graffiti artists and jail them, while ‘direct, high impact, and non-traditional’ illegal and invasive marketers are praised for their work and cashing checks"