Hobsbawm on Occupy

Capitalism is making humanity obsolete.

Legendary British historian Eric Hobsbawm discusses the “pathological degeneration” of capitalism today.


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Leftists confuse corporatism with capitalism.

If you want big government you automatically get corruption, either in the form of fascist dictatorships, communism or corporatism.

Capitalism is nothing more or less than freedom. Freedom for people to trade with each other under the law (contract law).


I really don't think these leftist dolts will get your point, but fair play to you for trying to make it.


Unchecked capitalism is not freedom. Capitalism is the ability of those with wealth to determine the rules of society without a democratic check. You seem to support economic might makes right. As the last few years have clearly shown such a system leads to bad economic decisions and the establishment of a police state.


What does capitalism have to do with democracy? Chinese-style totalitarian capitalism ended that little fairy tale, didnt it?
Next question: what does communism have to do with government? See The Spanish Civil War and maybe you'll realize that your simplistic dichotomies are not quite adequate to deal with the complexities of the real world.


How is it that the American people have confused Freedom with profit. The freedom to profit is NOT the same as the freedom to be..well free.. without imposition. I agree that people confuse coporatism with capitalism but for goodness sake we need not confuse freedom with economic prowess!!


Well said. Media distorts capitalism and feeds on people's ignorance towards it. A friend of mine wrote an interesting piece on how capitalism is distorted by media. It will be appearing feb. 1st on


I thought the interviewer was incredibly ugly when he said "you're just an old Marxist grasping at straws, aren't you?"

anybody else find that incredibly insensitive?


Hey, Hobsbawn is a great historian regardless of your ideological viewpoint. You should read some of his books before you blindly label him and ignore his ideas.


I appreciate you courteous sensitivity, however I believe that the interviewer didn't really mean it in the way you perceived it. I think he was merely affording Hobsbawm the opportunity to respond to "the usual hater criticism" to the airing of Marxist views. You can really see this in the matter of fact way in which Hobsbawm replies. The fact is only on a show like newsnight would a marxist even be interviewed in the first place.


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