Cutting Through the Crap

Bob Simon of 60 Minutes and Jon Stewart are members of the mainstream media who have shown a rare willingness to avoid the party line in discussing the Gaza conflict.

Cutting Through the Crap

Few issues are more divisive than the Israel-Palestine conflict. The comment boards at Adbusters haven’t seen this much action since the hipster issue. We also received an unusually high number of responses to our recent email broadcast, in which we urged everyone in our Culture Jammers Network to “throw their weight behind Gaza.” Some readers were disgusted with our opposition to Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza, while others thought we’d be insane to adopt any other view.

This weekend we’d like to draw your attention to two voices in the crowd — two videos which we feel cut through some of the crap.

The first video [link] is Charlie Rose's penetrating interview with 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon. Simon lived in Israel for ten years and just got back from an assignment in the West Bank.

The second video [link: US/CA] is Jon Stewart's take on the media's handling of it all. No, it isn't hard-core journalism, but here is at least one 'mainstream' voice that isn't buying the standard line. This clip already done the rounds on the net, but if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now.