A call to remember Tibet

In light of the Beijing Olympics commencement tomorrow, designers Jonathan Barnbrook and Pedro Inoue call for the creative arts world to play an active role in raising awareness of Tibet's struggle for independence.

8/8/08 is the day the world is waiting for the fireworks to launch the 29th summer Olympic Games , but at midnight on August 7th 2008, a different monumental event occurred. World renowned designers Jonathan Barnbrook and Pedro Inoue launched Remember Tibet.

They ask that amongst the hype of the olympics, do not forget Tibet's struggle for independence against the undemocratic government of China. At this moment, China is in the spotlight and for once cares about what the world thinks of it, so the time to act is now.

Remember Tibet asks "designers, animators, directors, artists, anybody to contribute copyright free artwork, animations, posters & t-shirt designs. We believe the creative arts will always have an active role in raising awareness and forcing an issue onto the mainstream political agenda"

In today's world, protest goes beyond borders. Whether it is the athletes themselves taking a stand for Tibet or people from every corner of the world contributing a powerful piece of artwork, the worldwide community has the valuable opportunity over the next two weeks to take non-violent action to stand up for human rights.